ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL is a full service travel agency with travel booking expertise in the areas of VIP, entertainment, production, music, event, and Hollywood talent travels.

Planning all the travel for Hollywood talent, big-budget movie productions, renowned events, press junkets, and touring entertainment groups isn’t just about the mechanics of putting together intricate itineraries—it’s about having the know-how, the contacts, the drive, the resources, and the right travel agency team.

ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL specializes in customized service and is at the pinnacle of the travel industry.

This level of expertise and trustworthiness has been built over the last decade by bringing together an extensive network, top luxury travel resources, industry technology, and a dedicated team.

ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL has established its reputation with prestigious brands in the airline, hotel, hospitality, destination management, and logistics companies - ensuring the results for our clients are exceptional and seamless.

Whether it’s for a VIP client going on a discreet vacation or for a large movie production, ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL is known as Hollywood’s “go-to-travel agency”.



ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL was formed as two Hollywood travel agent powerhouses, James Densmore and Chas Dabby, joined forces and created a synergy with their expertise.

Densmore’s experience with Hollywood, event, and production travel, coupled with Dabby’s detailed knowledge of production and music tour travel, makes them the ideal company for your global travel needs.

In association with ALTOUR, ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL's team continues to specialize in managing travel for Hollywood talent, VIPs, film and TV productions, Music and DJs, comedians, and events.


James Densmore

When he moved to Los Angeles, James Densmore brought with him a natural passion for luxury travel and a gut instinct for creating personal experiences for the most demanding individuals.

Densmore quickly gained momentum in the luxury travel industry by perfecting his specialty of highly customized service and a relentless honing of minute details.

With great finesse, he has managed and executed anything from the discreet Hollywood individual’s personal vacations, to a summer blockbuster full cast and crew production travel.

Media outlets named Densmore as the  “go-to-travel-guy” for the travel needs of Hollywood A-listers, movie productions, VIPS, and global events.

With over a decade of continuous growth, Densmore credits his success to truly caring about his client’s needs for security and discretion, precision, contacts, and understanding a non-stop schedule; while constantly growing his network of resources in the travel industry.


Chas Dabby

Chas Dabby became passionate about traveling as a child. His father, a well-respected travel industry leader, instilled in Dabby an incurable case of wanderlust long before he could talk or walk. As a teenager, Dabby began working for his father’s travel company, where he learned the importance of attending to a clients needs first and foremost.

Being a native Angeleno, Dabby also quickly began learning the inner workings of the entertainment industry. With Hollywood as his backyard, Dabby a UCSB graduate quickly discovered that Los Angeles holds endless opportunities for the talented, the hardworking, and the determined!

Continuing to work alongside his father’s travel company, Dabby discovered his exceptional talent and passion in travel logistics for film & television productions, music & DJ, and professional athlete travel. 

After many years, Dabby formed a travel company specializing in production, music, and athlete travel before partnering with Densmore to form ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL.

Dabby, in line with ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL as a whole, thrives on the exceptionally high demands and logistical puzzles of travel, and prides himself on always placing his clients’ needs first and his zero tolerance for error.


Travel Industry

ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL is well-known and respected as experts within the luxury, production, and entertainment travel industry.

The travel industry looks to ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL to test products, fly on new planes, test hotels, experience new travel trends, lead focus groups, and advise on products and services.

We are proud to participate in the following luxury travel shows, advisory boards, and panel discussions:

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