ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL has the established experience and reputation to make planning travel for large-scale special events as seamless and successful as possible.

Our precise travel management from start to finish has made ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL the “go-to" agency for many of the nations top fundraising walks and bicycle rides, mud run challenges, marathons, triathlons, and sporting events around the world.

ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL also is a partner in many film festivals around the globe, to coordinating travel and hotel stays for talent, staff, and attendees.

Our in-house event planning division, is equipped to plan everything from motor coach transportation to group hotel blocks to group airfares.

Our dedicated team is experienced and often sought after to become the “onsite” coordinators, as well, for many of these national event series and festivals.



ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL has exclusive arrangements with many of the world’s top airlines to provide discounts, upgrades, and services to your event staff and event travelers.

We have access to many airline program options; understanding which product suits your specific events needs.

As time is money – our specialty is keeping on budget, processing flight spreadsheets, seamless event and travel logistics, and being aware of all your travel requirements for attendees, staff, and talent.



ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL is a preferred partner of all of the top hotels of the world that are conducive to any and all large-scale events and festivals.

We have over a decade of experience negotiating the lowest possible event hotel rates with our hotel partners.

In addition, we stay current on hotel trends that enhance and relate to the event industry or festival market, and work through all related logistics to present the best options for your event.


Our team can organize all of your transportation needs, whether to/from the airport, the event, the festival, or the stadium.

We have the resources and the contacts in the transportation world to ensure the best methods of transportation for your event.

Our vendors around the world carry a fleet of all bus and vehicle types, and provide the reliable, VIP, and consistent services to our clients.

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ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL has one of the best in the business for on-event teams, that is available to be your “On-Site” coordinator for your event travel and/or event logistical needs.

From pre-checking guests into hotels, to meeting and greeting arrivals, to Red Light and Green Light for shuttle buses; the ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL group is well rehearsed in handling any and all on-event requests on the fly.



ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL offers a dedicated, and customizable online hotel booking platform, allowing all event attendees, teams, spectators, and/or participants to book hotel stays on a private link available to the client and the event attendees.



ALTOUR Entertainment / ENTERTRAVEL uses the top-notch reporting technologies, so your event can have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting.

The reporting system has hundreds of filtered reporting options, to obtain detailed data for all airline, hotel, car, and other travel vendors.

The reporting data can be sorted by almost any method, from travel spend dollar amount, vendor specifics, to how much costs savings your event is obtaining with specified travel vendors.

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