Lie-Flat Airline Seats: Lounge in the Lap of Luxury on Your Next Flight

Lie-Flat Airline Seats: Lounge in the Lap of Luxury on Your Next Flight

Sitting in one position for hours can take a toll on your body. Anyone who’s ever spent a long overseas flight stuck in the upright, seated position can attest to this. It’s no fun leaving the plane with stiff and cramped muscles—and that’s something we find completely unacceptable. That’s why ENTERTRAVEL is excited about the latest news in air travel. Thanks to the several options for flights that feature VIP lie-flat seating on trips to London, Berlin, and Paris, you no longer have to remain seated for the duration of your flight.

The seats we’re referring to aren’t your typical economy class arrangements. These flights offer high-end business and first class accommodations where you can lounge in the lap of luxury as you head to Europe. Take a look.


The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the English countryside are all awaiting your arrival. The last thing you want to do is to leave Heathrow feeling drained.

New! American Airlines 777-300

American Airlines operates out of ten hubs in the US: DFW, CLT, PHL, MIA, PHX, IAD, LAX, JFK and LGA. If you can find a seat on the 777-330 aircraft to Europe, you’ll be in for a delightful trip.

Business class on this aircraft provides you with your own private area, complete with a seat that reclines into a fully lie-flat bed. You have complete control over adjusting the seat back, and head and leg rest, to ensure full comfort. If you have trouble sleeping, simply adjust the seat back upright and take advantage of the 250 movies, 80 TV programs, and 350 audio selections—all of which can be accessed via your handset and 15.4 inch touch-screen monitor. If you need to get some work done, the fold out tray is meant to accommodate a laptop and is complete with power outlets and USB jacks.

The first class seats on this aircraft kick all the above amenities up a notch. First class seats fold down into a six-foot, eight-inch bed with dropdown armrests. You’ll also be provided with closed-toe slippers and an additional pillow. The seat itself swivels so if you need to sit back up and get some work done, you can turn your chair towards your own personal desk and window.

Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner 787

Everything done by Virgin is done top of the line—and this Dreamliner is no exception. Right now there are a total of 13 of these aircrafts in operation, and they fly from London Heathrow to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

With Virgin, you don’t fly first class, you fly upper class. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you can relax in the pre-flight clubhouse and indulge in incredible food or treatments at the spa. Once on the plane, you can mingle at the spacious on-flight bar, enjoy award-winning in-flight entertainment, or lay back in your seat, which turns into a fully flat bed. The entire experience feels more like you are relaxing in a VIP lounge than cruising along at high-altitude speeds.


Whether you’re planning to tour the many romantic castles in the countryside or get to work within the cultural and historical epicenter of Berlin, you’ll want to make sure you’re functioning at peak performance upon arrival. This is where Air Berlin can help.

Air Berlin A343

With Air Berlin A343’s business class, your every need is catered to from pick up to drop off. Exclusive limousine service will take you to the airport, where you can walk directly to priority check in. Once on the plane, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy at your seat and freshly prepared meals, available à la carte.  If you’re ready to get some sleep, simply recline the FullFlat seat into a bed. These seats even have an adjustable massage function to help you arrive in Germany feeling rested and restored.


Is the Eiffel Tower calling your name? It’s hard to resist the seductive allure of Paris, but the long flight to get there can put a damper on the trip. Making sure your flight has lie-back seating is an absolute must—and it’s a feature that Air France now offers.

New! AirFrance 777

The new business cabin on AirFrance is one to get excited about! This cabin will be your personal restaurant, entertainment lounge, and bedroom for the duration of your flight. The seats stretch out into a full bed that’s nearly six-and-a-half feet in length. You’ll also have access to an extra large feather down pillow and soft duvet cover. After this flight, you can enjoy everything The City of Love has to offer.

If you’re ready to book a flight to London, Berlin or Paris, let us know. We know all the top-of-the-line restaurants, clubs, and entertainment to indulge in at each destination and can ensure your trip is seamless and unforgettable.

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